Inclusion of immigrant women

We have been conducting the following inclusion projects:


Social activation of women from the Albanian community in the Gorenjska region

The objective of the OrientAkcija project, which was carried out in collaboration with the UP Association in 2017 and 2018, was to develop a comprehensive approach to inclusion and implement a brief social integration programme for women from the Albanian community in the Gorenjska region. The project activities addressed the lack of social skills and tackled functional obstacles. In addition, project participants will be encouraged to get involved in society and develop a social network of their own. We hope to increase personal motivation to tackle difficult life and social circumstances, and strengthen social inclusion, which would reflect in better employment possibilities.

In 2019, we were a partner organisation of the MUTUNK (My Creativity, Your Creativity, Our Culture) project, submitted by Zavod O. We organised community creative activities, such as crochet and creative activities with wool, to contribute towards the greater inclusion of women who have come to Škofja Loka from other cultural backgrounds, and consequently promote diversity within the community.

Engaged intercultural knitting community

We bring together a rewarding craft creativity and the feeling of inclusion and participation in society. We establish creative (knitting) support groups and conduct socially engaged interventions to address, among others, the challenges of migration, inclusion, and intercultural coexistence. At the moment, we are conducting workshops for the creative use of wool and Slovene language courses. The purpose of these activities is to offer women from other cultural backgrounds an opportunity to learn Slovene and engage in creative activities together with their creative counterparts from Breja preja.

Community creative activities, especially community knitting, may be used as a powerful tool in the two-way process of integration and in addressing the challenges of intercultural coexistence.

Interlacement (Prepletanja)

In the next school year, we would like to expand the activities for the social inclusion of women in the areas of the Selška and the Poljanska valleys, where we will approach participants in collaboration with kindergartens and primary schools.