Famous Women of Škofja Loka

Gender equality

In 2015, we set up an art installation as part of the project entitled Boulevard of the Famous Women of Škofja Loka, to draw attention to the issue of unequal representation of women in the public sphere. We wanted to hold up a mirror to a society that erects monuments exclusively to honour men. Together with women and men from Škofja Loka who expressed an interest, we conducted research on the women who influenced society in the past. In 2017, we continued with the project to bring forward women from the past, who had and still have an important role in the community, and lived or continue to live their vision to this day.

The Famous Women of Škofja Loka project grew into an initiative conducted in collaboration with the Škofja Loka Museum, the Ivan Tavčar Library, the Ivan Grohar Primary School, the DUO Craft Centre, and interested members of the community. In 2018, we successfully applied to the municipal tender to set up monuments in the Boulevard of Worthy People of Škofja Loka. And now we have it. In January 2020, the first bust of a woman was set up, dedicated to doctor Marija Bračko. And so, the boulevard became the Boulevard of Worthy Women and Men of Škofja Loka.