Breja preja

Knitting events

Community creative activities for a good purpose

Knitting and health

Breja preja is a knitting community. We integrate group/community creative activities with social inclusion, and intergenerational and intercultural collaboration. We are keen on creative activism. We connect knitting and crochet with current societal challenges.

We get involved in all kinds of psychosocial aspects of creative activities. Yes, that’s right! Knitting is beneficial to our brains and mental health, and can do a lot of good for the community.

Breja preja on the screen

Radio-Television Slovenia made a short documentary about Breja preja and in the summer we participated in the documentary entitled Threads (Niti) (in production, TV Koper). Our women, who come from all parts of the world, introduced themselves in the video of the MUTUNK (My Creativity, Your Creativity, Our Culture) project.