Inclusive communities

For a society as inclusive as possible

Grozd NVO Gorenjske



Knitting community

The Tri Institute is a non-governmental organisation for sustainable community practices. Our headquarters (and hearts) are in Škofja Loka, Slovenia. We foster, organise, and implement sustainable community practices in the area of Škofja Loka, the Gorenjska region, and elsewhere. Our main focus is on the development of other non-governmental organisations and civil society. Our content is focused on empowering women from all parts of the world and developing collaborative processes within the community.


a university graduate of cultural studies, is most deeply interested in how the collaboration of people in a community can make the world a better place.


a university graduate in the sociology of culture and philosophy, likes to be involved in undertakings combining creativity and social activism.


We connect with other organizations from related content areas. We are actively involved in the work of the local action group of the LAS of the Loška foothills, we are connected with other regional junctions of non-governmental organizations in the ZaNVO network. We are co-founders of the European network EWE, in which organizations combine creativity and work with the community participate. We are upgrading our knowledge in the framework of the OF/BY/FOR ALL Change Network, an international network for inclusive communities. 


The activities of Zavod Tri are mostly co-financed from public tenders, which is why we handle the funds in a particularly responsible way.